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Nosara Crece provides access to low-interest financing opportunities to tico entrepreneurs, primarily women head of families, that have been excluded from the traditional banking system. 


We also allow our beneficiaries to improve their financial situation by reducing the shark loans they use to finance their businesses. With this outcome, our beneficiaries can afford access to education for their children, housing, and health services.


Key Indicators

Repayment rate: 100% | Capital Invested: $200K | Interest rate: -5% below the average rate of the banks

Social ROI: 3.5 dollars generated for local tico families for each dollar invested by Nosara Crece in the first two years of operation (2021 - 2022).

Our Value Proposition


Social focus


Sustainable growth

Reduce the gap

Financial Inclusion

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Financial Tools for Entrepreneurs


Fixed-payment loan


Variable-payment loan

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Average Annual Interest Rate: 13%

No commissions for payments in advance

The applicants must have roots in Nosara

Loan terms: 12 - 60 months

Loan sizes: $1,500 - $40,000


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